Log Book Servicing

Logbook Service

Log Book Servicing is a must if you own an auto. It is essential to the maintenance of your automobile since it records the details of each service that is performed on your vehicle. Without this, there will be no record to refer to later in case you need to claim on your insurance policy. Also, a properly maintained logbook ensures that you do not get charged twice for the same accident or trouble spot.

What is it?

What does Log Book Servicing involve? Why is it necessary and how can any mechanic do logbook servicing?

A logbook is usually included with every auto since you can maintain a complete record of every service that has been performed. We have listed the service dates below for most leading carmakers in Australia so that you better understand when your vehicle might need a logbook service. If your car was recently serviced or you just bought a new auto, then you should first clean your existing logbook. It is always wise to do this before starting any work on your logbook as dirt can clog the machine.

What Needs to be Done

You should check all service points of the engine, air filters and oil, radiator and starter. Clean these points and lubricate them using a good quality fluid. Also, test all of these points for any signs of wear by running them for 30 seconds or more.

After checking all the points, apply a proper seal to prevent moisture from seeping into the engine compartment. After doing this, place a new cover over the oil cap to prevent rust from forming. If you have not done this yet, then you should make sure that it is fully installed and not leaking before starting any work on your engine.

Make sure that all of the oil hoses are running well. After making sure that everything is running smooth, lubricate the main bearing and then tighten them up. Check the transmission fluid also for any leaks. Replace any damaged filters if you detect one.

Log Book Servicing

Once all of the gears of these gears are lubricated, the transmission should run smoothly and without any problems. However, if something goes wrong, you will find out if you need a logbook service or not before the trouble occurs.


If you are unable to get the problem fixed yourself, then make sure to get it checked by a technician at the dealership or mechanic. Since logbooks are more prone to mechanical problems than manual ones, they require more attention to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The first thing that you should do when a mechanical problem occurs is to shut down your vehicle immediately to prevent any further damage to it. If it is not running correctly, try switching the ignition and check the starter again for any problems.

To diagnose a problem properly, you will need to make sure that you have all the necessary tools in your hand. A voltmeter will be your best friend while you diagnose a problem. Make sure that you check all the connections and make sure that the connections are working.

Next, you should make sure that the power steering pump is still functioning. if it is broken, then you should replace it immediately.

Make sure that you have all the fluids (oil, water, gas, coolant) ready before you do anything else to your car. Even though it might seem simple at first, you should make sure that you follow all safety procedures when performing manual maintenance on your car. For instance, you should never remove the hood of your car while you are working.

Lastly, if you can, you should make sure that you drive it for a few miles to ensure that it is working properly. It is better if you drive it on a hillside so that you can ensure that it is running safely.

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