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Giclee Printmaking

Giclee printmaking at itís BEST

Giclee Printmaking

An overview of our artwork reproduction service can be covered in 4 main areaís

  • High resolution scanning
  • Image adjustments and file preparation
  • Colour matching and artwork proofing
  • Production of world class Giclee art reproductions

Our goal, is to provide you the artist the very best product possible. We do this firstly by listening to your needs, understanding what market your planning to sell into and then providing you with feedback and advice using our experience and skills we have gained from many years of being in the Giclee Printmaking field.

We customise each artist project with your style and visions in mind so you will be guaranteed reproductions that you will be proud of.

Our Giclee printmaking is second to none! We provide a wide range of materials suited to every artists needs and budget. We use brands such as Canson, Hahnemuhle and Breathing Colour thus giving us access to the premium of fine art photo rag papers, textured watercolour papers and premium archival canvas.

Our Giclee prints are always produced using a 12colour pigment ink set which allows us to achieve amazing vivid coloursright down to neutral subtle black and white tones.

Giclee prints can be produced to a range of sizes from smaller than 100mm to a whooping 1500mm wide! Thatís one big giclee print!

Please contact us if you would like to find out more!

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